Tips for Making Your Life Story!

I never really pay attention to the literal meaning of the question “So, what’s your story? ‘I often find it to be a satire or just spin by asking” What’s wrong? “: However, in the last five years, since being handed a red slip young independence from corporate America, and take a trip out of my own adventures Entrepreneurship, now everything I do to ever put myself and my company, to tell my story. This is what they want every customer, prospective customer, vendor or partner, even a lover relationship: to know, love and trust – my story, story.

But YOU for a long time, about forty years to be exact, I do not know what my story . And as I would love to say I saw them along the way, this is more like it forced on me. If I want to put food on the table and a roof over my head, I need to define, know and believe my story. When I do, it soon became clear, that each of us, both in the corporate and small business, if you receive a salary or have earned themselves, are having their story. A story that makes people like, know and trust. A story that is true and honest, while tempting, unique or important. But first, before anyone wants to invest in your story, personal or professional, you have to like, know and trust yourself. Once you do that, you become a magnet and others will want to hire you, do business with you, promote you, follow you, and even, if available, date, marry, and love you.

As a company executive that year for myself , I never understood this concept has a story. This confuses me even more when prospective clients or colleagues will ask, “What is your personal brand?” Japa in complete confusion, I said, “What are you talking to? “Simple, it’s your values, beliefs, experience, mindset and skillset, and much more, make the ‘story’ you. It is a story that allows one to determine the level of such, knowledge and confidence, which in turn provoke them to want to engage, collaborate and engage with you.

And if your story, your personal brand, not the one you want now or do not know yet, this is the perfect opportunity for you to fall, change and make the story you want your life to be. How appealing is that Below are tips for change, shedding or make your story that you reap a fortune in business and life?:

Realize your story today – a piece of paper, answer the following questions – Who am I (as a woman / man, brother, husband / partner / boyfriend, professional / business owners, friends, girls / boys, aunts / uncles , partner / manager, as a money manager, home organizer, etc.) … ?

Or consider all areas of your life that shape who you are today and how the people, places and things in your life define you

Review and decide for yourself whether your story today is what you want or not.

If you decide you want to change, spare parts warehouse, or make a different story later – on a sheet of paper, write a response – Who I want to be (what, where, when, how, and to whom)?

or Now, circle key words that stand out to you in your story could be the main feature, features, power words, goals, aspirations, now a part of the story you are to use their own mapping market, your business and your life.

Once written, to answer the question – Why do I want this story than my own?

You or do it separately for your response Why do you give priority or urgency to make the necessary changes to make, warehouse or changing your story

Decide for yourself if your WHY is big enough for you to move to the next step. If so:

Write down 3 things you can do now to make, warehouse, or change your story with the story you want.

Finally, go now and act for them. Each day focuses on creating a story that you want, so you can bring your story to wealth in business and life you want.

And when someone asks you, “What’s your story?” You have the perfect answer. You!

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