Be Still and Waiting Thanks

I tell the story about the kind of life in other countries makes me believe that we Americans have it all our own problems. Because I do not call it human nature, call it instinct America.

This can go hand in hand with our need for instant gratification. It can also be paired nicely with our need to control or fix everything. In general, I’m talking about our problems became impatient.

When we find ourselves in a situation that is a little uncomfortable, we try our utmost to get out of it. Sometimes we move so fast that we understand (too late) that the new situation is even worse than the one we just left. We just do not take the time to carefully evaluate the consequences.

Genesis 26:3 gives us some clues about better ways to deal with our impatience.

Sometimes we have to wait

Genesis 26:3 tells us that “lived on this earth for a while.” Even when we’re happy with where we are doing in life, there are times when it is better to be silent. We do not know what God has in store for us, and we do not know whether we are moving too fast.

We can not sufficiently interested in our work environment. However, we have a source of income. We may think we need a bigger house. However, our family safe and warm. We may think we need a better car. However, we have a reliable means of transportation. Do we really take the time to appreciate the things that we need – the things that really considered a luxury in many other countries?

God is always with us

We all bear God permit. He was always aware of our circumstances. God also reminds us in Genesis 26:3 that He is with us. How quickly we forget when things took a detour to bad that we can not escape from God.

When we run the financial challenges that seem beyond us, we often try to fix it anyway. It might be better if we choose to be silent. Exodus 14:14 tells us, “The Lord will fight for you:. You just need to be quiet “(NIV)

God did not give us a chance to help us work through our problems, or we can do to him after we make a bigger mess?

Indeed, we can sense that we take advantage of in the workplace. We can feel that the lender will not work with us. We may feel that we can only ever go forward because someone is always trying to hold us back.

David shared his thoughts on who is in Psalm 37:7. He wrote, “Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him:. Do not worry when people succeed in their ways, when they carry their wicked schemes “(NIV)

God bless us

We do not stress over the problem that other people try to make the trip. The third record in Genesis 26:3 is that God bless us and confirm the oath he swore to Abraham. We are the descendants of a beautiful promise. If we keep our eyes focused on God and not our problem, He directed us through the challenges and towards our commitment.

Ozeme J. Bonnette is a financial coach, speaker, and author. He began his career at Merrill Lynch, and now works to increase financial literacy. He teaches and speaks to groups and organizations throughout the U.S. She earned 3 Bachelor’s degree at Fresno State and an MBA at the UCLA Anderson School.

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