Messaging labels must meet times of crisis

In recent years, a variety of international brands receiving end of bad publicity due to various reasons and the massive use of social networks, it has become almost impossible for organizations to restrict the number of negative messages. For example, a story about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico or in U.S. supermarkets deliberately exclude sales at Kmart stores promote tweets about school shootings, widely distributed and discussed in detail by the social network . The viral nature of the interaction with social networks makes it difficult to control the negative press and can seriously damage the reputation of the brand.

This month saw four supermarkets, including Tesco UK supermarket giant, Lidl, Aldi and Iceland became entangled in a crisis public relations when researchers announced they had found traces of horse meat to three products sold Many Store in the UK. In general, met with negativity towards the brand across the social and the general public channels.

What is interesting, however, is how Tesco reaction to the situation. The day after the news was announced Tesco statement circulated through social media and traditional channels admit they were wrong and they let down their customers. This in itself is a good example of how to fulfill campaign issue immediately effective and honest public relations crisis and trying to rebuild the reputation of the brand and regain consumer confidence rather than deny the accusations and brushed under carpet. However, shortly after the opening statement was distributed to more controversy by posting tweets supermarket Related contain any horse: A PR disaster was also followed when he knew he had to remove the horses from his recent TV commercials.

While the initial action they may be praised Tesco, unfortunately, are not consistent in their communication and result in more negative towards the brand. This highlights the point that they need to make, in a crisis, to ensure that both agree with your message content and relevance to the topic of the crisis control before being put into the public domain.

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