How to Help Your Child Make An Outstanding Presentation at the Science Fair

  If your child is into science and is in the school’s science club – first of all, that’s outstanding. Good for your kid for being interested and engaged in an important activity like science club. But second of all, he or she is going to be involved in the display and presentation at science fairs, hopefully at the regional if not national level. That’s an exciting opportunity not only to learn and explore but also to demonstrate his or her own knowledge and to meet both other students and potentially adult mentors alike. When your child is presenting at a science fair, it’ll be in your best interest to help them, and their team, stand out. Here are some tips for making a really outstanding presentation at a science fair.

The first thing to consider is how to make it as interactive as possible. If you have a presentation that is all one way, meaning the presenter is simply imparting upon others information in the spoken word, or with a few charts or graphs, that is not going to be enough. Far more engaging is when the booth offers some actual hands on potential, whether it be concoctions that can be mixed together to hilarious effect, or a touch screen interactive game or exploratory app. Whatever it is, help your child come up with something that can be considered an activity, something that will attract others to the presentation booth at the time of the fair.

Similarly, you want the booth to be immediately eye-catching and engaging. You want someone who’s walking by to want to come over and see what this is all about without knowing anything about it. A great and not too expensive way of doing that is to get a pop up trade show booth from an online retailer like The Display Outlet and deck it out with all the bells and whistles you can come up with. When you pop that puppy up at the science fair, you will show you mean business, and people will be drawn to your child’s presentation. It may seem gimmicky, but a little bit of a gimmick never hurt anyway, and it’ll just mean more education and connections for your kid.

Another great tip that is oft overlooked is to be sure your child is looking smart. And I don’t mean wearing glasses with tape holding them together, I mean smart as in sharp. A well dressed kid exudes confidence and others will listen to them more. We’re not talking suit and tie, but a smart and crisp, maybe even hip outfit, will make your child’s presentation pop. And that’s what you want. You want your child to be confident and for others to take him or her seriously. It’s amazing what subtle things can do, and attire and personal hygiene are simple things you can do to help your child succeed – and have a worthwhile and fun experience – at a science fair.

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