Create Excitement and Buzz at your Local Restaurant With These Easy Tips

Restaurant owners have a unique challenge that not all businesses face. In order to be successful, you need to attract the same people over and over again, especially at the local level (not the big chains). Speaking of big chains, you also know that you’re facing stiff competition against the tried and true known chains like TGIFridays and Olive Gardens, generic food machines that spew out boring garbage and call it titillating cuisine. If your food is delicious then you’ve got the most important thing down. But how do you get the people to come in again and again, and more importantly, rave to their friends that they had food at your place? Here are some tips.

1. Encourage Social Media

In this day and age, social media is the end all be all, the bee’s knees, the whole kit and kaboodle. It’s nearly impossible for today’s social media lovers to do any simple activity without posting it online and bragging to their friends. While it’s annoying when your mom does it or when your friends post daily pictures of their semi-cute cats, it can be to your advantage as a business owner. Sure you can just sit idly by whilst the people post to their own liking, but why not have a competition, like: best upload of the day. The best upload from your place on a given day can win a cup of coffee, anything cheap and easy. Tap into people’s love of social media, competition, and winning free things!

2. A changing Environment

Obviously you keep the place looking pretty much the same day in and day out, but you can do things that spice up your venue a little bit. Maybe you have a different theme for the day or for the week (let’s be honest, keep it to a week so it doesn’t over-tax you all). You can get banner stands from as away of displaying the weekly specials and make the entrance or ordering counter a thing of changing beauty. We, as humans, respond to the new and different and gloss over the familiar. Try something like this to keep people engaged and interested.

3. Hold Community Events

Sure you can do an open mic and that will attract a certain crowd. That always helps drum up some business, although you’re appealing to wanna be poor starving artists! You can do any sort of community event at your restaurant which will not only get more business on that particular day, but will also get people who maybe have never been in your store to come on in be a first time, and hopefully repeat, customer. PTA meetings are good, or rallies for the local candidates for mayor. Anything like that would make a great community event at your place.

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