5 Best Search Engines For Doing Essay Research

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Google, Bing, and Yahoo are great. They are great search engines when you want to accomplish certain tasks. If you want to know where to find great Thai food in your neighborhood, to look up the cost of airfare to Costa Rica, or to find best essays in order to lose them as an example, pick any one of the three. You will find exactly what you need.

Unfortunately, if you use any of these for academic research, it is very easy to be taken down the wrong path. The issue is that search engines like these give the same weight to opinion as they do fact. To make things even more difficult, many sites that contain nothing more than unsubstantiated opinions are designed in ways to make them appear scholarly.

It is absolutely crucial to stick with academic sources when conducting research for essays and other papers. The best way to do that is to use these five search engines that are specifically designed for academic research.

1. Microsoft Academic

Microsoft Research developed this search engine, and then revamped and relaunched it in 2016. It contains a huge number of both academic and literary publications and other resources. Students can conduct keyword searches. They can also select a field of study and then drill down through a list of subtopics.

2. Google Scholar

This is probably the most well-known academic search engine. Many enjoy using it because the interface works almost identically to the standard Google search engine. Students may search through both scholarly articles and case law. A recently added feature extracts a link to the original source material so that you can go directly to the paper you are after.

3. iSeek

iSeek is an easy to use, natural language search engine. Students can ask questions or enter search keywords. All results returned are from trustworthy sources. You will find government research, results from universities, and other research-acceptable sources. This is just what you need for your college papers.

4. WorldWide Science

Writing a college paper for a science class can be very challenging. This is especially true at advanced academic levels. WorldWide Science is a search engine that interfaces with scholarly, scientific databases from around the world. You can conduct searches using all available databases or select advanced search and find your own.

5. Virtual Learning Resources Center

If you want your research to be approved by your instructors, you should probably stick to databases that they approve. This is where the VLRC comes in handy. The websites that are featured in your search results on the VLRC have all been selected and approved by both instructors and librarians.


The best essays are based in fact and backed by verifiable data. When you are next faced with a college paper writing assignment, skip Google and other commercial search engines. Instead, ‘write my college paper’ using the trusted, academic search engines here. Finally, remember that when you need college paper help, we can help ease your burden by assisting you with editing, formatting, and offering original college papers.

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